Beautiful and powerful piece also great service and response


The moment I walked into your lovely healing space, I felt the gentleness of the Divine Feminine. The session held me in a place of ease and grace. Thanks for helping put an easy natural smile back on my face. You are amazing. To acknowledge the potency of your healing sessions to open and clear and realign for the next step of ones healing journey, last night an image of a Condor silhouetted by an amazing sun showed up in my dreams.  This is the second time it appeared after a Gong session.  Thank you. Blessings in Light.  

Dr. Linda Kingsbury
Herbalist and Clairvoyant Energy Medicine Teacher

I have a number of pieces (some I've bought and some I've received as gifts) and I wear ALL of them every single day, because each one is beautiful and carries its own healing and protecting energy.  I've also given others as gifts to friends and family, and everyone has loved them.  Customer support is wonderful, so clearly the beauty and power of the jewelry reflects the spirit of the designer!

Janine G.
Brooklyn, NY

Even more beautiful than the photo. Thank you so very much.  Feels so smooth and peaceful.

Monique Golis
Solvang, CA