Meditation & Sound Healing Class 1.16.2018 Experience Your Own Soul Blessing you with Prosperity
By Devi Tala


We begin with the soul, and we end with the soul. This is true of our lives, and its also true of prosperity. The soul provides the initial creative spark from which the rest of our destiny unfolds. When we follow the call of the soul, we begin the path that leads to true prosperity and fulfillment.

An idea that gives you a sick, unhappy feeling doesn't come from your soul. Following the soul's message doesn't mean taking up a begging bowl or living in a cave. Your soul, after all, is on your side. Instead, it means increased fulfillment and prosperity because it is through our souls that we connect to our Source. The expression "follow your bliss" means to live from the soul.


Practicing this meditation elevates the energy and the spirits so that you may experience your soul blessing you with prosperity.

Mantra: Har Har Har Har Wahe Guru Sat Nam Har Haree

Repeat the entire mantra on a single breath in a relaxed monotone that varies in emphasis automatically as you proceed through the stages of the mantra.

Har - means infinite or the creative and abundant aspect of God

Wahe - wow! that indescribable feeling of ecstasy

Guru - bringer of darkness to light

Sat - truth

Nam - name or identity

Posture: Easy pose with spine straight

Mudra: Hands rest on knees in Gyan mudra

Eyes: 1/10 open focus on the tip of the nose

Time: Start with 11 minutes and work up to 31 minutes

The first part of the mantra, Har Har Har Har, is the beginning of your energetic journey. Place these souns at the Third Chakra (Navel point) to initiate the Kundalini energy. Pull the navel in slightly with each repetition.

The second stage of the mantra is Whaa-Hay Guroo. Place this sound at the Heart Chakra, as you pull diaphragm lock, simultaneously pulling the Navel point towards the spine. Hold these two locks fixed for the rest of the mantra.

The third stage is Sat Naam. Project this sound from the Fifth Chakra at the throat. As you chant, gently apply Neck Lock.

The last part of the mantra is Har Haree. Har is placed at the Sixth Chakra, and Haree goes through the top of the Seventh Chakra to infinity. The eyes may automatically rise up a bit at this point.

Quickly inhale, bringing the cylce of energy and attention back to the Third Chakra, while relaxing the locks. Repeat the mantra again. Let yourself be drawn more and more deeply into this sound current.

The music I used in the class was by Joseph Michael Levry.

May you all be blessed in your beauty and in your grace. May you live in love, tranquility and happiness. It is my prayer that you all must prosper. Sat nam!