Intellectual Property Musings
By Devi Tala

Wisdom is from the universe. From the Cosmos. From the Infinite. Through our creativity, we let it flow through us. When we stop creating, we stop letting the universe flow through us. Creativity is our link to the universal energy. When we stop creating, we stop living. Have you noticed when someone retires with no other expression of creativity, they tend to get depressed or lose their connection to the inifinite. We become pregnant with wisdom and ideas from the cosmos and we give birth to it through our creativity. So do you really own what you create? Or is it an expression of the universal flow? As in the Zen teaching, we are no body, no mind, no thing -- it's the highest wisdom. So if we are just conduits of the universal flow, how can wisdom be your property? Once we box something or identify it, we create limitation. We limit the universal flow. Ergo, you're stuck! How can you participate in the dance of life, if you don't allow the flow? That's why we chant the mantra, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, to connect with the energy and wisdom of the infinite. So the wisdom can flow to us and through us. To the students or our audience who will also then let it flow through them. If wisdom comes from the infinite, and you say you own your teachings, then where did yours come from? If it came from you only, then is it the truth?