Spring Equinox Meditation

Spring equinox represents balance as there is equal time of day and night. During this time it is good to tune ourselves with the earth's energy to experience more harmony in our lives. A good meditation to practice is the Balancing Mind & Heart Unto Infinity.


I also would like to share Yogi Bhajan's words that he said in 1980 about the upcoming Spring.

"We can, as a goodwill gesture, meet each other, relate to each other, and be friends with each other. It is the coming of the spring. As spring sprouts out, so does our relationships, our brotherhood, our love, and our affection for human beings, becuase of our human grace.

It is the time to do prayer, it is the time to do Sadhana, it is the t...

Eve of Full Moon Meditation 1.30.2018

The eve of the Full Moon is considered a very potent time to Meditate. Yogi Bhajan gave us this meditation -- Dhrib Dhristi Lochina Karma Meditation -- as a powerful practice for this time.


Meditation & Sound Healing Class 1.23.2018 Indra Nittri Meditation

Indra Nittri Meditation

Uploaded by Johanna Angodung on 2018-01-25.


Indra Nittri means the eyes of Indra. It connotes the feeling that every pore of the body becomes an all-seeing eye. It represents knowledge that comes through the soul and intution. With this meditation you become intuitive and all-seeing. Anything you say after practicing this will be amplified with great force. So do not say anything negative for some time. You may like to start your day with a positive personal affirmation to take advantage of the creative power of this Mantra and manifest prosperity and greatness in your life.

This mantra may be used to turn negative situations into positive one to ...

Meditation & Sound Healing Class 1.16.2018 Experience Your Own Soul Blessing you with Prosperity


We begin with the soul, and we end with the soul. This is true of our lives, and its also true of prosperity. The soul provides the initial creative spark from which the rest of our destiny unfolds. When we follow the call of the soul, we begin the path that leads to true prosperity and fulfillment.

An idea that gives you a sick, unhappy feeling doesn't come from your soul. Following the soul's message doesn't mean taking up a begging bowl or living in a cave. Your soul, after all, is on your side. Instead, it means increased fulfillment and prosperity because it is through our souls that we connect to our Source. The expression "follow your bliss" means to live from the soul.